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New Patient Consults

New Patient Consults

Pediatricians play a critical role in making sure children grow and develop properly and stay healthy, too. Sunshine Pediatrics of Florida offers families throughout the Lutz, Tampa, and Hillsborough and Pasco County, FL area new patient consults to gather important, in-depth information about the patient and to help parents feel more confident about the care their child will receive.

New Patient Q & A

Sunshine Pediatrics of Florida

What happens at the new patient’s initial visit?

New patient office visits provide patients and their parents the opportunity to become familiar with the practice and to have an initial physical exam and evaluation to assess overall health and to determine any specific care needs and treatment options. During the visit, a complete personal and family medical history will be taken to help identify risk factors that may need to be addressed as the child gets older. Lifestyle habits will also be discussed; including sleeping patterns, school performance, family dynamics and social activities and interaction to assess the whole health of the child so recommendations can be made to help ensure the child enjoys optimal physical and emotional health and wellness as well as normal growth and development. During this visit, there will be plenty of time for both children and parents to ask questions or discuss specific concerns.

Does Sunshine Pediatrics of Florida provide second opinions?

Yes. Sunshine Pediatrics is happy to provide second opinions to patients who have received a diagnosis from another pediatrician or family practitioner, and who would like to gather information from a different professional perspective. Medical records associated with the initial diagnosis, including the results of lab testing or imaging tests, should be forwarded to the office prior to the exam so they may be reviewed. Additional testing may also be ordered prior to the visit to provide additional data on the health of the child.

What if my child needs specialty care? Can you provide a referral?

Yes. Sunshine Pediatrics of Florida is part of an extensive network of healthcare providers throughout Florida and nationwide. Patients who require specialized care can be referred to providers who offer advanced options for diagnosis and treatment. When ongoing management is required, Sunshine Pediatrics will work closely with the specialist in ensuring treatment is provided on an ongoing basis as needed and can also arrange for regular tests or screenings to ensure treatment remains on track and optimized for the evolving needs of the child.

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