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CHADIS Troubleshooting

  • Do we have your email? We need your email to set up the Portal account. If no account is found, this could be why. The email might be missing or incorrect in our system.
  • Are you using a browser? (don’t use the Healow app)
  • Are you logging in with your CHILD’s first name, last name, and DOB (each child has a Portal Account. Use their name, not yours).
  • If you don’t see a box to type the verification code into (& only see “Download app”), scroll UP for the box.
  • Are you manually typing in the verification code (not auto-fill–that may just loop you back to the “View your Health Record page, especially if you are using an iPhone.)
  • If there is no “Fill Milestones” area/CHADIS button with questionnaires… have you’ve been patients at Sunshine Pediatrics for a long time? your child’s account number might have a space in it that isn’t read by CHADIS. We are trying to fix these on the front end.
  • Need Help? Call (813)-948-2679 or text (888)992-2694. You may also go to the locations tab or scroll to the bottom of the homepage for office emails to email us directly.