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Holistic Care

Holistic Care

Holistic care focuses on the whole health needs of the child instead of just the symptoms for better overall health. Sunshine Pediatrics of Florida helps children in and around Lutz, Pasco, Tampa, and Hillsborough County, FL, enjoy better health using an integrative, patient-centered approach to care that emphasizes conservative treatment and natural healing as well as other options

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Holistic Care Q & A

Sunshine Pediatrics of Florida

What is Holistic care?

Holistic care is an approach to medical treatment that takes the health and wellness of the patient into account instead of focusing on specific symptoms. Holistic health also relies on an integrative approach that draws from both traditional and alternative medicine to provide the patient with the broadest array of treatment options possible. Pediatricians who provide holistic care ensure children have access to medical services that promote healthy growth and development without reliance on a lot of medications. Nutritional counseling is an example of Holistic medicine that promotes health through more natural means, helping children prevent diseases by optimizing health and tapping into the natural healing power of the body.

Is Holistic care used in place of more traditional approaches to care?

No, Holistic care includes traditional approaches to care as well as more innovative and alternative approaches to meet the whole-health needs of every patient. Because it is a more comprehensive approach to treatment, care can be highly customized for each patient, evolving over time as a child grows and develops new needs.

Why is Holistic care important for pediatric patients?

Holistic care considers all aspects of health, including prevention of diseases and disorders, treatment of specific symptoms and illnesses, and patient and parent education to achieve a personalized plan of care that is an ideal fit for each child and each family. Holistic care also depends on the involvement of parents in helping to support the health, growth and developmental needs of children, and the integrative approach ensures parents and children can receive the type and level of care they prefer to help achieve and maintain optimal wellness at every age. In addition, holistic care also considers the emotional needs of the child, which can play a significant role in growth and development. And because it promotes the body’s natural healing ability, it also helps avoid overuse or misuse of medication.

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