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Meet Bethany Baker, ARNP

Hi there! My name is Bethany Baker, and I am a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner. I am originally from Nashville, TN, where I double majored in Biology and Nursing. During my time as an undergraduate, I received a National Science Foundation Award for collaboration on a genetic sequencing research project. I also was awarded as a National Medical Fellowship scholar in which I helped provide medical care and education to underserved communities in Nashville. I established a Global Nursing Committee while serving as the Student Nurses’ Association class representative and succeeded in creating a medical mission trip to underserved communities in Guatemala. Being drawn to sunny Florida, I decided to move to Tampa to complete my graduate degree at the University of South Florida. I completed my master’s in 2016. I have published two peer-reviewed articles, and hope to publish more, as I truly love to write. Since I began my medical career, I have always had a heart for working with children, and worked as a pediatric nurse for 3.5 years at both Vanderbilt Children’s hospital in TN and locally at St Joseph’s Children’s hospital. I have been working as a pediatric nurse practitioner in Tampa for 3 years.

In my spare time, I love to hang out with my fiancé, Nicolas, and our two dogs, Gracie and Ellie. I also enjoys running, practicing yoga, and cooking. Nick is slowly teaching me to play soccer, and while I am by no means great at this, I enjoy the time being active outside with him! I love to read all sorts of books, but fantasy and science fiction are her favorites.

My top priority is making sure I provide quality care with compassion to all my patients and their family

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